Sorry I am not a quality blog. D:

Rather fandomy blog - lots of Avengers and cast, Stony (Superhusbands), a little Superfamily, Sherlock in many incarnations, the Hobbit/LOTR, a little Thorki (although I prefer them as brothers, really), a little Hetalia and more recently, oodles of Free! (aka the swimming anime).

My science stuff has moved to viirulentscience.tumblr.com. Come and rummage through my collection of interesting science titbits!

This blog also contains:
Occasional fits of political awareness, especially with regards to feminism, lgbtq rights and rape culture.

Pretty things. Funny things.

Occasional bouts of self-loathing. (But I try to forget those by the next morning.)

On occasion I may even burst into song ;D


I just realised that my username is not the easiest thing to track, so I'll be tracking mangymongrel if you'd like to tag me.

Feel free to ask me anything; I'll generally answer them privately unless they're anonymous or I feel they need to be addressed publicly.

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aaand here are the bigger cleaner versions of these

just for art deesplay :3

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I remember a shadow. Living in the shade of your greatness.

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From the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick

I hate burritos, Loki

fuck you



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Howla wanted AoA Loki - and I wanted him bugging Thor.


"Get out, Loki. Ugghhhh.”

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anyone else getting a sore neck looking at all the neck grabbing that Thor does?

His father did the same.

Yeah to HIS WIFE

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We did love each other once.

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I suppose the thing about siblings is they know you. They know you better than anyone and thats - that thing is  always bound together by your history ehm […] there’s something very honest about the interaction.

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